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USCAN 30th Annual Meeting!

Hello climate advocates!

You can find Zain standing along the wall near the top of the staircase!

“From June 19-21, 2019 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, climate leaders from around the US came together for the USCAN Annual Meeting. Against the backdrop of devastating disasters like violent floods in the midwest, wildfires in the west, and unprecedented ice melt in polar regions, our meeting was an important moment for leaders to connect and plan for the scale of collective action and power we will need in order to have an impact on climate change.  We had a few guiding questions for coordinating efforts to attain our vision which involved themes centering equity as a core value of our meeting, strengthening and deepening existing and new connections, centering leaders of color and the work of marginalized people, and understanding the climate movement within the broader set of issues and struggles that movements are grappling with today, These themes were reflected in conversations throughout the meeting, as we understand that they are crucial to the success of our movement.”

Zain's arrival at the meeting
Zain with Keya Chatterjee, Executive Director of USCAN
Inspirational words
Climate leaders from across the country!
Policy discussion
Everyone waiting for the photographer

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