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Letter from USCAN Executive Director

Hi Zain,

Last week and today, more than 4 million people around the world joined the youth-led Global Climate Strikes. Thank you for all you do to stand up and disrupt the status quo as an ally to our youth activists! We still have much to do if we want to force leaders to take climate action at the scale of the crisis. 

For the past 30 years, USCAN has worked to build alignments between organizations to tackle the climate crisis. We know we have to come together across our different backgrounds, races, genders, and faiths. And here’s the good news – It’s starting to work and we have a movement standing together. But we are in a critical moment in our history. To fully address the crisis, we need to continue growing a new alignment that helps bring movements together. The sad news is that we don’t have much time. 30 years from now, I don’t want us to be stuck having the exact same arguments that we’re having today, setting more deadlines to be missed, even as we are under water.

We’re hosting a 30th Anniversary Fundraiser next Thursday, October 3rd. We want to continue weaving a network that can start off the next 30 years with an intense next five years of growing nonviolent direct action to the scale of the crisis, inspired by the courageous leaders in the past who fought for civil rights.

Can you join us next Thursday at the Josephine Butler Parks Center in Washington, D.C. and help us build out our network in a way that will force leaders to address climate change?

We’re going to have music, drinks, joy, and fantastic vegan and vegetarian food!

The love and solidarity I felt striking with everyone last week is a feeling we need to hold on to. To see people participating in New York, D.C., Minneapolis, and Los Angeles to let leaders know that we won’t stand for this anymore is truly inspiring. We need bold new policies that will ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for ourselves and the children we love.

I appreciate all of the support that you’ve given us in the past, and look forward to continue working with you to put pressure on our leaders to act.

All the best,


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