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Dr. Mahmud Farooque: A Thought Leader for the Future of Innovation in Society

Dr. Mahmud Farooque

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Mahmud Farooque on 12/28/18. He was very generous with his time and I am appreciative of the opportunity I was given to speak with such an accomplished Bengali-American thought leader. His work at Arizona State University’s Washington D.C. Center “focuses on linking science and innovation policy to improved decision-making and better societal outcomes.” He has been working with faculty and senior administration at large American universities in developing, coordinating and facilitating collaborative and trans-disciplinary research in the physical, natural, social sciences, engineering and public policy. I find his work to be of great importance as I develop Green Deshis.  One way to understand current day challenges is through dialogue. In the near future, I will be developing a research platform/forum for environmental citizen scientists and academicians to collaborate and create solutions for local issues and particularly issues concerning South Asia. As I discussed this idea and other Green Deshi projects in Bangladesh, Dr. Farooque asked a very simple question: “Is there a demand for the product that is being created?” After our lengthy discussion, I realized the need for research before investing time and capital for development of new technology. This is an example of the type of questions Dr. Farooque is asking as a principle investigator in the NOAA grant titled:”Science Center Public Forums: Community Engagement for Environmental Literacy, Improved Resilience, and Decision-Making.” He is also leading another intriguing project titled: “Perspectives on Driverless Citizen  Vehicles.” To learn more about his work, visit Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes.

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