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Live Better

Ecological Footprint Calculator

Calculate the biologically productive area required to provide everything you consume. This can then be compared to biocapacity, which is the productive area that exists on our planet, in your country, or your region. You can also determine your carbon footprint.

Meatless Monday

Join other Green Deshis in promoting the Meatless Monday Campaign. “The goal is to encourage people to refrain from eating meat one day a week. Meatless Monday seeks to reduce the prevalence of preventable illnesses and environmental impacts associated with meat production and excessive meat consumption.”

Cut Plastic Out of Your Life

Plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in the world and unfortunately has become entrenched in many of our daily routines. The production of plastic is dependent upon consumers and we are asking Green Deshis to lessen our dependence on plastic which in turn may dampen its deleterious effects on the humans, wildlife and the environment.

Support Local Farmers Market

We encourage all Green Deshis to support local farmers markets. By supporting local family farmers, you will be able taste real flavors and enjoy seasonal foods. While nourishing yourself, you protect the environment and promote humane treatment of animals. Green Deshis can connect with their local community and perhaps even learn cooking tips, recipes, and meal ideas while shopping at farmers markets.

Use Technology for Green

Many Green Deshis are tech savvy, and we encourage our members to use their creativity and knowledge to create apps to help us live greener lives. There are already some greats apps to monitor our carbon footprint and guide us to choices that can help sustain our environment. We will be working with Bangladeshi organizations to develop virtual field trips which can be accessed by any Bengali to learn about the beautiful natural wonders Bangladesh has to offer.

Discover Bangladesh

Green Deshis need to learn about Bangladesh’s natural resources of water, land, fisheries, forests, and wildlife . The World Bank has been doing research and making recommendations for protecting Bangladesh’s environment and natural resources management. Bangladesh is the 33rd most vulnerable country to effects of climate change and the 25th least prepared to deal with the effects, according to the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index. Green Deshis hope to inspire a new generation of environmentalists to work with Bangladesh governmental organizations to improve watershed management and develop climate-smart agriculture. However, the first step to conservation is appreciation. We encourage you to discover Bangladesh through TV programming by Prokriti O Jibon Foundation and if you happen to travel to Bangladesh then take an ecotour.