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Green Deshis will empower a new generation of eco-conscious Bengalis through digital-based technology. Virtual field trips in Bangladesh will help connect like-minded individuals across the world. Our ultimate goal is to have Bengalis take action, but environmentalists do not have to travel to Bangladesh to make a difference. Local chapters will serve their communities by working on farms, planting trees, cleaning up parks and rivers, or participating in other activities. Donations will be collected to facilitate our mission to ensure Bangladesh has a sustainable future.

Inspire Through Knowledge

Our educational platform provides enrichment for Bengalis to pursue a “greener” life that will lead to a more sustainable future for Bangladesh and world. Our partners at the ​Prokriti O’Jibon Foundation​ and​ icddr,b (International Health Research Organization at Bangladesh)​ have been doing extensive research on the impacts of climate change on the people, wildlife, and natural resources of Bangladesh. Green Deshis offers the opportunity to get involved with these dynamic organizations and create change. Our website has a large community listserve which enables like minded Bengalis to network and discuss ideas on cultural, spiritual, and environmental issues. We offer an active blog space for Bengalis to share and learn from those working hard on the ground.

Inspire Through Action

There are many paths Bengalis can choose to become custodians of their local communities and Earth. Green Deshis hopes to engage Bengalis by working on local and urban farms, organizing tree planting parties, participating in local river and park cleanups, connecting with other advocacy organizations, and exploring your own eco-friendly talents. We have enjoyed working throughout the state of Maryland by joining Crop Mobs in Frederick County, adopting a road in Howard County, monitoring streams and working on farms in Baltimore County, launching a Meatless Monday Campaign at a local Islamic School, working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and seeking further education from professors at the Center For a Livable Future – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Inspire Through Local Chapters

We work with environmental enthusiasts to create local chapters in their communities. The only trait needed to have a successful campaign is commitment. We meet with leaders of regional Bengali social,medical, and religious organizations to spread our passion for environmental stewardship. Enthusiasm is most evident among the youth and we hope to engage them through Bengali and South Asian student associations at high schools and universities. Our community listserv provides the network upon which our green awareness programs can be implemented throughout local communities. One of our main goals is to inspire the youth in Bangladesh to become advocates for environmental conservation.