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Creating Awareness Among all bengalis

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness among all Bengalis of their ecological footprint on the earth. We hope to inspire a new generation of Bengalis living all over the world to become environmentally conscious and become advocates for sustainability.


Green Deshis provides a source in the Bengali Community for culturally motivated commitment to sustainable living.


Green Deshis will empower a new generation of eco-conscious Bengalis through digital-based technology.


We will inspire students to work with environmental advocates, educators, community & corporate leaders in Bangladesh.


Green Deshis will build knowledge by using a transnational educational platform connecting like-minded citizen scientists and researchers

Make a Difference


Blog / News Updates

OCT 12, 2019 – Fundrasing event at Fairfax Station, VA. Email for details.

OCT 11-13, 2019Students for Zero Waste Conference – Philadelphia, PA 

OCT 7, 2019 – Building Power from the Grassroots Up Action Team meeting at 4:30 pm.

OCT 3, 2019 – USCAN’s 30th Anniversary Fundraiser at Josephine Butler Parks Center, Washington DC

SEPT 28, 2019 – Fundraising picnic at Centennial Park (Pavillion D), Ellicott City, Md. Starting at 1 pm.

SEPT 27, 2019 – Fundraising event with Fusion 2019 at Jim Rouse Theater, Columbia, Md. From 6 pm to 11 pm. 

SEPT 26, 2019 – [2020 Elections] USCAN Action team meeting at 3:00 pm.

SEPT 20 – 27, 2019 – JOIN the Global Climate Strike!

SEPT 10, 2019 – Building Power from the Grassroots Up Action Team meeting at 4:30 pm. Discuss items to be added to Green New Deal meeting in New York.

AUG 13, 2019 – Building Power from the Grassroots Up Action Team meeting at 4:30 pm.

JULY 9, 2019 – First USCAN Building Power from the Grassroots Up Action Team meeting at 4 pm.

JUL 5-7, 2019 – Visit our booth at the 39th North American Bengali Conference in Baltimore, Maryland!

JUL 4, 2019 –  We are sponsors of BMANA (Bangladesh Medical Association of North America) Convention in Detroit, Michigan!

JUN 19-21 – United States Climate Action Network 30th Annual at Meeting St. Paul, Minnesota

APR 27, 2019 – Fundraising Picnic at Ellicott City, Md


APR 20, 2019 – Join us at the Common Market Crop Mob at House in the Woods Farm

APR 16, 2019 – Join us for another Road Cleanup in Maryland!

MAR 9, 2019 – Live Concert with JEFFREY IQBAL! Fundraising event at Beltsville, Md

MAR 3, 2019 – GRUAN LAUNCH at Beltsville, Md

JAN 6, 2019 – Begin the New Year by joining Green Deshis at Road Cleanup in Pennsylvania!

DEC 27, 2018 – GRUAN LAUNCH at Beltsville, Md

NOV 25, 2018 – MARYLAND EVENT featuring nationally recognized singer, Rezwana Choudhury Bannya

NOV 11, 2018 – GREEN DESHIS ADOPT-A-ROAD Cleanup in Howard County, Maryland

NOV 6, 2018 – GREEN DESHIS must VOTE for the ENVIRONMENT!  Contact local leaders for transportation to local polling stations.

Bangladesh Ambassador to the United States endorses Green Deshis!

Green Deshis and BGreen Project used as examples for social innovation at Innovative Strategies Workshop at Smith College

See pics from Virginia fundraising event

Power Shift Network recognizes Green Deshis in monthly newsletter

See pics from back-to-back fundraising events.

Letter to Zain Khan from USCAN Executive Director Keya Chaterjee

Green Technology  – Video contributed by Prokriti O Jibhon

Esha Ali starts new Green Deshis Chapter in Arkansas!

Profile on Mary’s Land Farm by Zain Khan

Green Deshis selected as members of the Power Shift Network!

Killer Heat Interactive Tool – How often will you endure extreme heat where you live?

Green Deshis represented at the 39th North American Bengali Conference.

See pics and summary of USCAN 30th Annual Meeting.

Green Deshis recognized for local community volunteer work!

Huge shout out to Fridays For Future for organizing the amazing climate strikes all over the world on May 24, 2019.

Green Deshis selected as members of the United States Climate Action Network (USCAN)!

Summer is soon approaching. Check out the best farmer’s market in each state.

Green Deshis finalizes plan to introduce seed paper in Bangladesh!

Spotlight: Dr. Abul Hussam, Time Magazine, Global Heroes of  the Environment Award

Environmental Pollution and The Biodiversity: Video Contributed by  Prokriti O Jibhon

Discussion with Dr. Mahmud Farooque: A Thought Leader For The Future of Innovation In Society

Shuman Majumder leads new Ohio Green Deshis Chapter! His 20 years of environmental consultancy experience will be integral to our success.

Zahra Khan creates Green Deshis Local Chapter in Pennsylvania!

Dr. Fadia Nordtveit publishes new book!

Climate Change And Environmental Video Contributed by Prokriti O’ Jibhon

Zain Khan introduces Meatless Monday Campaign at Al Rahmah School